Rifle Range story......

Location : Rifle Range, Penang
Date of Capture : 09-02-2007
Capture by : Chelwee @ chinese.cari.com.my

From the picture we can easily found some bad habit here.

We can see the car owner simply parked their car along the road site, people crossing the road when the traffic light are shown in green.

Rifle range is one of the oldest low cost flat area in Penang Island and the traffic condition there are well known as terrible due to the shortage of car park.

So, many people gives the reason that car park not enaugh, after that just simply parked their car somewhere.

Before that, the previous local government annouced the multilevel car park will build to solve the car park problem, but the story changed after the PGCC project turned up.

Now, our new Penang chief minister found that the PGCC project haven't been approved by the local council. So, the multilevel car park are going build as original plan or remain not build ?

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No Smoking on Board

Location : Penang Ferry
Date of Capture : 22-12-2008
Capture by : sim_min @ chinese.cari.com.my

Many thanks to sim_min from chinese forum of Cari.com.my to share with us this bad habit on board.

Penang Port Sdn Bhd set the rules of no smoking on board for the safety of both ferry & passengers.

Anyway, the authority still having a smoking room on board for those heavy smoker and let them "enjoy" in the corner. But, we found that there are many people disobey the order and smoking on board.

That's something to show us what's the level of moral education among our people here.


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Construction site "HERO"

Location : Bandar Baru Air Itam, Penang
Capture by : Firedog
This picture was captured by myself in a day of FEB 2007.
We can see that 2 construction worker are sitting on unstable scalf folding doing their work without any safety precaution.
I think, we can see the same thing from the construction site in local. This showing that the concept of occupational safety and health ( OSHA ) is still at low status for our people here.

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Motorcycle Lane

Location : Jelutong Expressway, Penang
Date of Capture : 27-01-2007
Capture by : adam_king@chinese.cari.com.my

This picture show us a motorcyclist was riding on the car lane at Penang Jelutong Expressway while there is an special motor lane for motorcyclist safety.

Since Jeleutong Expressway open for use, a few deadly and serious accident happening are reported and which most involved the motorcyclist. That's why the local authority build up a motorcycle lane for the safety purpose for motorcyclist. However, many of motorcylist are still using the car lane and ignore the cause of safety of themself.

Each time, we blame on the authority agency to take the responsible on serious accident, but are we ever thinking before who's the one are responsible for that ??

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Reading is good, but this time is wrong

Location : A Book Shop in Penang
Date Capture : 17-1-2007
Captured by : Gheehung@chinese.cari.com.my

This picture was sent by gheehung, a member of chinese forum in chinese.cari.com.my.

According to him, he saw a man open the wrapping and reading the magazine in a book shop, while we all know that most magazine sell in the book shop is wrapped.


Death accident scene

Location : Hill Railway Road, Penang
Date Capture : 20-12-2006
Captured by : Firedog@Eric Woo

This picture captured at the death accident scene in Hill Railway Road, Air Itam.

According to the local news report, a couple on the bike was met the acccident which their bike hit on the back of a car tried to take over a school bus parking at the road side.

When the motorcyclist ( 18 years old ) and his girl friend felt from the bike, another bus come from opposite pass through over on him to cause he died on the spot.

For those people living in Air Itam, Penang, there has a well known tourist spot - Penang Hill & Kek Lok Si Temple in the area. Many travel bus or school bus parked along the road side at Hill Railway station road during the holiday session.

I don't know who should responsible for this death accident, but I understand that our country tracffic rules is not allowed to parked any vehicle on the yellow line road side.

Related accident on scene movie clip -> Click Me

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Not enaugh seat on the bus

Location : Burmah Road, Penang
Date Capture : 17-12-2006
Captured by : Firedog@Eric Woo

This picture show that 2 person was stand at the front & back door on the bus.

The bus is heading to the Pulau Tikus area and I can see that the bus was full of passengers.

I'm not sure whether they're allowed by the driver to stand at the door there or not, but i'm sure he knows there's a people standing there.


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